I probably missed a step in setting up my Pretendo account

Hello everyone.
I am having a bit of trouble with the pretendo network. more specifically, I am in the setup stage. I’m at the part where it’s titled “Restoring Nintendo Badge Arcade Badges.” On step 7, it says “Still inside SBI, choose the option to dump your badge data files.”

Anyway, I’m in SBI, I select “dumb badge data”, and a message appears on my bottom screen:
“Attempting to dump data (this may take a while)
Failed to read from the extData archive”

Is this bad? Do I need to be worried about this? Should I just continue with the process? Did I miss a step? Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you.

dis is da link for setting up pretendo.

I also had this error you must use .cia version to fix it