I linked a new PNID but miiverse gives a communication error with all 0s

I deleted rverse hoping it would fix the error, but it still pops up.

I was going into miiverse, verified my email, but it just gives me the error

3DS or Wii U? You mean the error is 000-0000?

yes, error code is 000-0000, its on the 3ds btw

The error in the website says unknown,idk

This error is a conflict with juxt and rverse, make sure that you deleted all rverse files, including the rev.perm file and just in case also reinstall nimbus

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can you tell me the names of all rverse files?

Sure! First one is rev.perm which is found in the 3ds folder like any homebrew app, not the Nintendo 3DS folder. And the other ones are code.ips which are Miiverse patches and are found in luma/titles and depending on your region you’ll have a different folder name “000400300000BC02” for Japan, “000400300000BD02” for USA, and “000400300000BE02” for Europe, if you have 2 folders that are not of your region, you can also delete it if you want. Hope this helps!


thank you! (insert stuff here to fill character requirement)

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I’ve added most everyone here. Please add me back! FC: 2504-5196-2581

I still have the error after all of that. Any other suggestions that could help?

Well if reinstalling all nimbus files doesn’t work even after deleting the rev.perm file from your 3ds folder… You can also try using rv2juxt which removes all rverse files if i’m not mistaken

I just reinstalled it again must have screwed something up the first time.