How to setup Pretendo for the DSi & Does ACWW need to be patched?

So how do I connect my DSi to the Pretendo Network? I have seen that I have to change the DNS of my DSi, but not to what, and what to do next. I also wonder, if ACWW has to be patched.

Pretendo doesn’t support DS and Wii games, only 3DS and Wii U games. You can use WImmfi to play DS and Wii games online by setting your primary DNS to and your secondary DNS to

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Oh, so I guess it also doesn’t support the DSi, was just wondering, because I discovered a “Nintendo Fan Network” for the DS(i).
But I guess it’s good to know that Wlmmfi works, and hey, I’ve thought about getting a newer handheld. While keeping mine ofc… have mine for about 14 years…

As stated, Pretendo does not support the DSi. Alternative network solutions such as Alt WFC and Wiimmfi exist to provide online support for the DS family of consoles.

It’s worth noting that if you want to access Flipnote Studio on your DSi, you might want to check out Sudomemo too.