How do i actually log in to pretendo on my wii u?

I know this might be a silly question and the answer is definitley simple. I have pretendo setup on my wiiu and autobooting. How do i actually log in to use the online functionality? Do i juts log in on the wii u system menu where it asks to log in with NNID?

If you have Aroma on autoboot, just make sure Inkay is enabled and that your second profile on the console - the one that is attached to your Pretendo profile - starts automatically.

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Yes, that is exactly it: you use the NNID login process, but you enter your credentials for Pretendo while Inkay is enabled. If you want to use your NNID for something (such as downloading purchased games from the eShop), you will need to disable Inkay in the menu, and then switch to the user logged in with that NNID.

Make sure that:

  1. You have a separate, new profile for your Pretendo account. You can use a homebrew app (I forget what it’s called) to transfer your save files from your old NNID profile to your new Pretendo one.
  2. Your Pretendo ID is different from all of the NNIDs that are logged in on your system. (I just added a P to the end of mine). The Wii U OS won’t let two local users be logged in as the same NNID, and it can’t tell the difference between an NNID and Pretendo ID.
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SaveMii WUT Port, there’s a guide on using it on the Wii U Installation Guide which I added a while back.

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