[Guide] Welcome to Discourse!

Discourse is a powerful open-source platform which helps power these forums. Here’s a quick guide on what you should know.

Table of Contents

The Trust Level System
Formatting posts
Filling out your profile

The Trust Level System

Discourse uses a trust level system to restrict what members can do on these forums.

When you initially join, you will be a TL0 member. This comes with strict limits on how often you can post and how much likes you can give, but as you level up, you’ll be able to post more and like more.

There are 5 major trust levels: TL0 new user, TL1 basic user, TL2 member, TL3 regular and TL4 leader. Regular is the maximum trust level that regular users can get and it requires regular contributions to the forum.

Regulars are able to access features such as a private lounge and have more powerful flags to remove inappropriate posts quicker.

You can learn more about how Trust Levels work here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Formatting posts

Discourse primarily uses Markdown to format posts, however BBCode and HTML is also supported.

Here’s a few important ones you should know:


*This is an emphasized piece of text.*
This is an emphasized piece of text.


**This is a strong piece of text.**
This is a strong piece of text.

Bold italics:

***This is an extra emphasized piece of text.***
This is an extra emphasized piece of text.


> Pretendo is cool.

Pretendo is cool.

Code blocks:

`<a href="https://pretendo.network">Pretendo</a>`

<a href="https://pretendo.network">Pretendo</a>

```<br><p>Bandwidth is the best!</p><br>```

<p>Bandwidth is the best!</p>


[Feed my five kids](https://pretendo.network)
Feed my five kids


Jon is cool


Pinklimes is also cool

Jon is cool

Pinklimes is also cool


[spoiler]Bandwidth stole my daily Yeah allowance![/spoiler]

Bandwidth stole my daily Yeah allowance!

Small text

<small>Hot take: I love the Wii U.</small>
Hot take: I love the Wii U.


Use #, ##, ###, ####, ##### or ###### before a line of text to turn it into a heading.

Collapsible sections

[details="My deepest darkest secrets"]
I don't own five Wiis.
My deepest darkest secrets

I don’t own five Wiis.


You can turn on Live Notifications through Preferences > Notifications. You can then be notified through a push notification when one of your posts gets liked, someone replies to you, quotes you or if you get a message.

Head over to the Tracking tab in Preferences to watch categories (watch will give you a notification when a new thread is created), perfect for if you want to be notified about the latest announcements or want to help someone.


Eventually once administrators have finished setting up this forum, there will likely be groups that you can join or message.

An example of which would be Support Helper. If someone has the Support Helper flair by their Mii, that means that they are a support helper. You can toggle flairs given to you by groups in Preferences > Account (shown below).

Those users may also have access to a unique title too, you’ll be able to toggle them in the same place. Titles can also be gained via your Trust Level.

Filling out your profile

Whilst you’re here, fill out your profile so people can learn more about you!

This can be done at Preferences > Profile and you’re able to link to a website, add a custom banner, share your location (be sure to not give a precise one) and give a short description about yourself.

If you need any additional help, feel free to reply but I may not be able to respond right away with the limits. I am also reachable at @experiencer@lethallava.land or @experiencersinternational:matrix.org.


Thanks for this!! It has been a very long time since I used Discourse, so this was a great refresher! :smile:

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hey thanks for this. will take this in mind for later.
i’ve actually never used discourse myself.

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