Friend's mii not updating when I get new tags with StreetPass Relay

My friend updated her mii well before we moved to Pretendo, but whenever I get a streetpass tag with her, it shows her old mii, the same one I’d tagged in person years ago. She’s made sure to update her mii plaza and double checked that the changes saved, but I still get tags from her with the wrong mii. It does update the recent game played at least, but nothing else changes no matter what she chooses for her settings.

What’s more, I get streetpass data from her for Mario Kart and Bravely Default as well. BD shows her actual mii for her portrait, the one on her profile, but Mario Kart shows a completely different mii to the other two, an old mii from the 3DS’ original owner.

I’m wondering if this failure to update is related to the StreetPass Relay system or if it was already an issue with the 3DS and if there’s a way to fix it.

There’s currently an issue with Miis on pretendo and as far as I know, they’re looking into a fix.

As for the old Mii, are you sure your friend updated her pretendo account using the updated Mii?


100% sure! She doublechecked and everything. It shows the right mii on her friend card and in bravely default, but in mii plaza, her mii is still an old mii with the same greeting and everything

Just to update on this, it eventually resolved itself after a couple days, at least in Mii Plaza, I haven’t tested Mario Kart since it updated.

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