Friendcode Exchange

I wanted to add some 3DS Friends, so here’s my code:



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added you! :3 my code is 3966-4574-9449

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:ok_hand: (I’m writing 20 characters because I must, lol)

Added!! Here’s my friend code 5036-5420-2228 add me back pls :sunglasses:

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I’ve added you (smiley)

Always the way here, isn’t it? Also, your friend code apparently doesn’t work on my 2DS.

It’s (4178-6853-9321) and it only works if your 2DS is connected through Pretendo

Also i need your Friendcode

mine is 0485-9506-9917

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Hello! I added you, add me too: 3103-1045-6262

I added you, add me back pls: 3103-1045-6262

Added! Add me back too: 3103-1045-6262

Well, that makes sense.

Sure! 2638 - 6521 - 3559.

Hi!, my friend code is 0875-4865-9023, add me too :wink: