Friend Code exchange

Hi can anyone add me my 3ds friend code is 4054-4862-8611


I sent you a request! My code is 1606-7286-9718

im adding you on my Wii U

Add me Anton2024 chipert

ok 20 character limit lol

:joy::joy::joy: sorry buddy I get so excited about it

wait a few minutes I will be back

Ok :sunglasses: chipert lol just take your time

im plugging in my Wii U

so wait and then i will friend you

accept my friend request please

Oh hold on chipert I setting up my wii u

I just installed on my 3DS and im still trying to figure things out Just tried to play mariocart 7 and it says the Online races are discontinued. I also just tried adding the posters friend code it did a short search but said the code doesent exist Mine is


I send you a friend request My code is 186563818027

I tried to add you but it says your code is invalid

i migrated my pretendo network account to my wii u

but you can add me on my Wii U my pnid is chipert22

Add me Anton2024 guys don’t miss out

I dont have a wii u and i have no idea if you even can add wii u ID’s to the 3ds

Just added you feel free to add me back. My friend code is 4312-3889-9065