Error codee] 160-0101

im shaaaking rihgt now. sorryu ffofr bad typinng. i tireid to lodad ssdssmash bbros wii u and it froze. then it said power dowwn for 4 seconds. aftrer, my gamdepad went staticv. whwat shoudl i do?

ii udse pretenrdo sssl,.

Here’s a transcribed version of what I typed after I stopped shaking: “I’m shaking right now. Sorry for bad typing. I tried to load Smash Bros Wii U and it froze. Then it said an error occurred and to power down for 4 seconds. I did, and the gamepad was red and blue static. What do I do?” And the second reply is: “I use SSSL pretendo.” The issue has been resolved (I think.) Edit: I still do need advice.

That doesn’t sound like a Pretendo related issue… If you have Discord, try asking in the Nintendo Homebrew server.

Yeahhh…my parents won’t let me have discord. You say it doesn’t sound pretendo related. What does it sound like it’s related to? This hasn’t happened since i modded it.

Most likely a game issue. Try clearing your shared data for Smash, I’ve heard it helps.

Sorry if i’m making this too long. I just want to prevent it. I just bought this disc yesterday. The seller said it was in pristine condition. It did take a literal hour to update, and then it froze and the previously stated events occurred.

‎As I said, try clearing the shared save data. You can find it in data management. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reply or PM me! :3

yes your typing gives me the hint that you are shaking a lot
chill take a breath
it is not the end of the world
(delete shared data)

good for you :slight_smile:
(something to get the word count off my back)