Error Code 101-0502. No solution?

I’ve been experiencing the error code 101-0502 lately. Looking through the Pretendo discord, I’ve seen several people with the same issue and they’ve all suggested solutions. I’ve tried them all (installing nimble, resetting the wara wara plaza) and nothing has fixed the issue. I’ve seen others say they’ve had the issue for weeks or months and this is extremely frustrating. Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix this? If not, is the team aware of this and is there anything THEY can do about it?

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For me it has been more than 3 weeks!!!I tried everything,but nothing works!!!

I’m sorry you and so many other people are having this issue. Yes, the development team is aware, and no, nobody knows of a definitive way to solve it.

I’m very sad right now :sob:

101-0502 is a very generic error, all it means is that your console failed to connect to something related to the friends service. It’s not even clear if the client passed authentication or not based on just this error. It can be caused by many things, some of which we can’t even control. Server load, bad environment settings, connection issues with your home network, etc.

There is no silver bullet fix because it’s caused by any number of issues. I’ve even had my console be unable to go online because of the interference caused by an external hard drive.


I’m beginning to believe it is a problem with my wifi network, as i can connect on a mobile hotspot. Is there anything i can do on my end to fix it? Or is it an issue with my ISP?

But why does super mario maker work fine and miiverse

My friend getting hacked on pretendo on his ID. He said to me someone hacking on Mario Kart 8 and splatoon. I just find out today when I went on my friend list chatting to the others.

More likely to be an issue with your ISP unfortunately.

Can it be an isp error,cuz mario maker and miiverse works fine,but mk8 and Splatoon doesnt

I’m getting error so many times when I go on there

What does bad environment settings mean

UPDATE:I tried restarting the router,and now it works!
@AntonSplat2024 try this!
Anyone who gets this error can try restarting their router!

Bro,after 10 mins I got this error back

Are you sure does it work for you

I turned off my wii and restarted the console because my Wi-Fi is working perfectly fine when I was playing splatoon this morning. When I turned off and show 101-0502 constantly

Yea it worked,but after a bit it didnt

What Wi-Fi network you with

What do you mean bye what wifi

What internet boardband connection you with