Error Code 022-2402 when I tried to make a PNID on my 3DS

Just wanted to mention that when I tried to make a PNID on my 3DS bc the 3DS install page mentions you can make on on it by following the same steps you would upon making a NNID on your 3DS. But whenever I tried I kept getting Error Code 022-2402. Obviously as you can tell I ended up making one w/o using my 3DS but I figured I should bring it up here in case there’s some bug within the 3DS PNID creation tool that needs to be fixed.

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I believe the devs are informed on this issue, so there’s not much we can do from here, but having it here on the forums is a good idea just in case, so it’s easier for the devs to find

I know it sounds weird, but… if you switch the language to spanish, it weirdly works? something about malformed HTMLS n stuff. but give it a try. i had this exact error and that fixed it

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You switched from English to Spanish?

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Yeah, I noticed people suggesting that on the Discord, I think you have to do that occasionally if your 3DS is NTSC-U.

Mine is jpn console so couldn’t switch language on system app like you guys are doing.

Maybe I have to be waiting until it gets fixed sadly :cry:

for me, i had to switch my language to french after failing with english and spanish countless times. not sure why thats the case for the new 2ds xl but whatever