Error code 003-2101 (3DS internet connecting issue)

I’ve recently installed Pretendo from universal updater on my Old 3DS. At first it worked as it should, however today it couldn’t connect to any hotspot, neither local nor mobile. It keeps connecting and disconnecting. The only thing that works with the internet is the browser. When switching back to NNID, the internet works normally. Both game patching and loading external FIRMs and modules are enabled. Any ideas what I should do?
I have a current release of Luma3DS, I’ve tried reinstalling Nimbus from Github (both .3dsx and .cia) and made sure the 3DS connects to the internet correctly when switched back to NNID.
System version: 11.17.0-50E
Nimbus v1.6.0
Luma3DS v13.1.1
EDIT: Manually setting up the connections doesn’t fix that too

Removing the .ips files that were not mentioned on installation page from /sysmodules folder fixed the problem

Hi, do you have any idea which IPS files those are? I see 5 IPS files in luma/sysmodules but “the .ips files that were not mentioned on the installation page” is a little too vague for me to start deleting random stuff. What installation page are you talking about, at least? The Pretendo setup page doesn’t mention any .ips files.