Error code 002-0150 (3DS)

I’m having this error after some time of having the 002-0102 error code (which I think it’s a ban message).

Just to avoid already answered questions: I didn’t cheated, I apparently don’t have any disruptive homebrew installed, I didn’t modified my serial code files (double checked with the original box because my console was bought second hand) and I wasn’t banned from Nintendo 3DS online (I played till shutdown).

I have a New 2DS, thanks in advance.

UPDATE 1: Tried doing Pretendo → Nintendo → Pretendo on Nimbus, sorta worked. It letted me to log in again, did it, had some 022-2402 errors but seemed to work, even allowed me to relog on Miiverse (which it didn’t allowed me to do so) but then I’ve tried Mario Kart 7 and it throws the same error as before.

UPDATE 2: Checked and tried RTC time and date, it was ok, updated it nevertheless, still not working

UPDATE 3: Updated Luma (13.0.1 → 13.1.1), no changes. Trying to log in asked for a new password to discard communication problems between Pretendo and 3DS and the password reset mail arrived as expected, so my console doesn’t seem to have any issue connecting to Pretendo.


Been having this issue since I installed Nimbus. At first the message looked like a ban, but now it says it can’t connect. Friend list and pokebank works good in Nintendo network, but friends and login fails at pretendo’s network :frowning:

Have you got the latest version of Nimbus installed?

Do you know if your DNS server(s) are blocking pretendo?

Yes, I have the latest version of Nimbus.

No, I don’t have any DNS settings, and as I said, my console doesn’t seem to have any issue connecting with Pretendo (as I tried to restore password from the console and it worked)

UPDATE 4: Just in case, tried connecting to US/UM servers on Pretendo (knowing that it wasn’t going to work beyond my technical problems) and got error 022-0150, same as Mario Kart 7. Then did Pretendo → Nintendo and tried connecting to US/UM servers, got 002-0110 (Service discontinued, as expected)

UPDATE 5: Double checked with 3DSident that Original local friend code seed and NAND local friend code seed matches, and they do.

UPDATE 6: Tried setting a WiFi hotspot on my phone to discard my router messing with something (I had a similar problem with a game, was the router) but nothing changed: same errors, same issues.

Solved it following this tutorial: Discord