Error 106-1201 [Mario Kart 8 Leaderboards]

When trying to download ghosts from the MarioKart 8 in game leaderboard, error 106-1201 shows up. This seems to be related with the recent changes made to the Backend, as any time uploaded before the changes can be downloaded.
For instance: WiiRDoomed - 1:59.527 on (DLC) Wild Woods can be downloaded, however, Yuzusan 1:44.980 cannot be downloaded. Yuzusan’s time was uploaded on the leaderboard on the 10th of May 2024, while WiiRDoomed time was uploaded way before.
I wanted to create an issue on the relevant GitHub repo, however I am unsure which one it would be for that case.
Thank you.


For Mario Kart 8, I believe that would be here: GitHub - Newtendo-Network/nex_mario_kart_8

If you’re curious why it’s not on our GitHub, there’s some info on that in this comment: Refactor tournaments page: Double column layout, no paginations and others by angeloanan · Pull Request #5 · PretendoNetwork/mario_kart_8_website · GitHub

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Thank you for your quick answer.
I opened an issues on the GitHub repository, thank you.
With the issue being acknowledged, is there any chance of having a fix in the future?
This issue prevents us (Mario Kart 8 World Record Recorders) to download and record the latest World Records.