Error 101-0502 Wii U Inkay

Error (101-0502) I receive it when I enter an online game and everything connects fine but then I leave to enter another game and it does not connect again to the servers of any game, nor to the Friends list, etc., Answer if you have a solution, if that is normal, you have to restart Wii U or go into settings and exit again or go into Inkay plaza options so that it reconnects to the pretend network but it does not automatically reconnect.

I’m not using inkay on my wii u because I don’t want to damage my wii console.

If you don’t want to mod Ur console,u may need to wait for a very long time so sssl supports isp error related issues.

SSL using DNS settings

I’m going to test my wii u and see what happens on the server

This means the friend list server is overloaded.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to try again later, as all Wii U and 3DS games need a connection to the friend server before anything else.

The strange thing is that the error does not appear as soon as I play the first game and everything is fine, but after exiting, re-entering that or another game again, it does not connect to the servers again without restarting the Wii U or entering settings for it to work.

Try restarting your router,for me it worked

That is just not true. Every Wii U is the same when it comes to the online services. Please stop making such ridiculous and uninformed assumptions because they aren’t helping anyone.


The problem is with aroma or I pretend the Wii U console has very little use and the internet connection I use is very stable!

Unfortunately, there’s no one way to fix that network error.