Endless authorisation on 3ds

Hi, I installed nimbus and added additional files to luma and made an account and it seems to work fine in games, since I can play mk7 online, but I have issues with general login in account or when I want to open an miiverse. It says to me to enter my password and then endless authorisation happens. This happens without any errors, just endless loading. Seems that this isn’t a very common problem and I can’t find any solutions or similar problems in the net. So what can I do??

did you find a fix? i got the same problem. mk7 plays fine, but miiverse is stuck on authorization

I think, adding extra files to luma might be the issue.

From what I can gather. Assuming all nimbus files are where they need to be. If your using mods or anything else. Try mk7 without the mods to see it thats the issue.

With the login thing. I think the 3ds miiverse on pretendo isnt fully functional like on wiiu.

My best guess would to check on the 3ds miiverse and mario kart 7 server status. If the servers are up. Theres a good chance files on your sd card are in the wrong spot. Or, a mod/ app could be interffering .

So, I think you should double check your sd files. An turn off mods . If the mods are interrupting any login features which can happen from time to time. Youd have to check what mod is causing the problem.

oh well I see that you’re Russian too, I thought, maybe the problem with the Russian region or ip’s or something else… have you tried to change the region of your 3ds in the system settings?? if not i will try that and maybe this will prove my theory…

Its not just him. Ive been getting errors regatding pretendo saying my account was failed to login. Meaning theres a password issue or something going on.

I don’t have any errors, it’s just an endless loading when I’m trying to login in pnid or miiverse but everything else like playing mk7 online works fine

and also changing the region didn’t work…