Does Wii U Karaoke*** have any chance of being revived in an future?

It used to be an pretty interesting game Howhever the online service for both versions sadly ended now and you technically can’t do too much on it since it requieres to connect to the internet so you can download any song. Also sorry If I choosed the wrong topic

Pretendo plans on supporting every game that used Nintendo Network eventually. Please wait until the game you’ve requested is being worked on!


I don’t know how much of a chance this actually has tbh

I can’t remember how the game worked since I last played it around 9.5 years ago when I got my Wii U but I assume it has copyrighted music? Pretendo would have to license their own music I assume which wouldn’t be easy.

Joysound used to operate the Karaoke service iirc


Then can’t you contact Joysound?

If I remember correctly, the Karaoke service was offered as a subscription service so there’s no chance of contacting Joysound to do anything. There’s a version out for Switch anyways for Japanese accounts only (Wii U version was Japan + Europe iirc), set up a Japanese account on your Switch if you want to use karaoke :joy:

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I see. But why ONLY Japan and Europe?

I think that they were the markets that it made most sense in.

Karaoke is a popular pasttime in Japan.

That makes sense.
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The only way I could see of revival after an long investigation would be somehow managing to get the japanese trial disc to work since it has pretty much all songs and somehow trick the game into thinking you have the trial

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we bouta be singing with 2012 hardware in this one :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: