Do you think badge arcade will be part of pretendo?

I’ve always loved badge arcade and always wanted it to come back but idk if it has even been talked about and i was wondering if there is any plans to revive badge arcade

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Yes, they are working on Badge Arcade but like everything, it takes time.

Badge Arcade will work differently on Pretendo though, you can’t have Nintendo themed badges since that infringes on their intellectual property so Pretendo will have their own custom ones.

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thx for the info. I’ve just always loved badge arcade and was wondering if i could ever play again. i will wait for as long as i have to :>

it’d be epic if they made it so that it doesn’t reset your GYTB badge data, but I would understand if they can’t fix that…

we need bandwidth badges in the badge arcade!!!

From what I have last heard, the badge data is deleted because Nintendo made it so that the 3DS compares its local badge data to the server badge data. And since the servers don’t exist, it reports that you have no badges, so the 3DS sees that and deletes them. I believe it’s a sort of anti-cheat so people couldn’t just hack badges in without earning them/buying them first (I have never used Badge Arcade, so I don’t know how you obtain badges).