Can't access servers (error 102-2402)

I can’t access Pretendo, I keep getting error 102-2402
Someone told me I got banned from the servers, but I haven’t do anything…

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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102-2402 is a generic error code which just means that something went wrong with some request. It doesn’t mean you’re banned (there are specific errors for that), but it also doesn’t really give any details.

As it said in the template for this category, please provide as many details as you can. The template even gave suggestions as to what to include.

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main guess would be that you changed your serial number at somepoint?

I already changed my serial ID for my Wii U but the error still persists and I don’t know what to do anymore.

Ok so, I got banned at Nintendo Network, I changed my serial number more than one time, but I already changed it to the original one (the one from the sticker in the console)
I also tried with SSSL, I have nimble30.rpx, I did EVERYTHING I had to do, but I can’t do anything more than making an account, I keep getting the error no matter what

@PN_quarky don’t you have a fork of HokakuCafe which supports SSL connections?

These kinds of generic “request failed” errors are almost impossible to diagnose without seeing the traffic from the console, it might be worth merging your fork back into Hokaku for debugging purposes. Maybe even just integrating this into Inkay or something

I’m guessing this corresponds to HTTP 400, which gets sent liberally in the account server.

Yeah, I do have a fork, some parts are better than others but: GitHub - ashquarky/HokakuCafe: On-console network traffic dumper for the Wii U

Hi, I just put the hokaku thing and it left me this file, what should I do now? I wait your answer