Can you transfer a Pretendo account to another 3DS via system transfer?

I am planning on getting a Japanese 3DS very soon and I am wondering if I can transfer my Pretendo account from my old 3DS to the new one

No. As the website states, system transfers aren’t supported yet and may prevent you from going online in the future.

System transfers are not supported yet. But you can use the same Pretendo account on multiple 3DS and Wii U consoles.


I plan on getting a brand new 3DS at some point as my 3DS XL is pushing 10 years old this year and age it catching up with it and i want to system transfer my NNID over to the new 3DS whenever i buy it if i cant do that then what can I do?

As @MaisieMarlowe said, you can link the same PNID to multiple Wii U and 3DS consoles. Just link the same PNID on your new console.

Im worried that using system transfer to also transfer my Nintendo Network ID would make playing online on 3DS impossible tho

Don’t use your main NNID, try using another NNID and then switching to your PNID.