Can I use wiimmfi and pretendo at the same time?

So like can I use wiimmfi by changing DNS and pretendo by inkay?

Yes. Wimmfi would only redirect Wii servers to theirs, not Wii U servers.

So how can I do it,I injected mario kart Wii for wiiu,and can u explain how to do jt

You can just change your DNS to the same one that Wimmfi uses, the same way that you would use SSSL.

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You don’t need to change your DNS for Wiimmfi, get your Wii modded and follow the steps on for modding the vWii

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My bad, I was thinking of RiiConnect24… Thanks for pointing out my mistake, though!

Yeah if I recall correctly, both have options where you either change the DNS or don’t change the DNS.

Does RiiConnect24’s DNS method even work on Wii U? Wiimmfi’s DNS method is limited to a few games on the Wii U.

I’m 99% sure that RiiConnect24’s DNS method works on Wii U. I’m pretty sure I’m using it on my vWii, but I’ll double check later.

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