Can anyone help me, I need to uninstall Hokaku/Pretendo, I've tried everything and it doesn't work

Downloading pretendo was the worst thing I’ve ever done for my 3ds, I get constant errors and crashes, I’m unable to do most things, and I reaallly really dont wanna format, I need to completely remove this off of my 3ds. I’ve gone over all the files I added to my console to make pretendo work and deleted all of them. But I also installed Hokaku and pretendo through the Universal Updater and that seems to be the issue, I’m not sure how to uninstall Hokaku since I didnt add any files to the console myself, I just added it through there. I’m genuinely at a loss for words. Would really appreciate it if anyone could help.

I know that even after I deleted all the files Hokaku is still running on my 3ds because anytime I open games like Mario Kart in the bottom right corner it’ll show the Hokaku information as the game’s opening up, even after I deleted everything.

I’ve gotten countless crashes and errors, I don’t think me posting the specific error codes and screenshots would help. I just want Pretendo / Hokaku gone. Please.

Where did you read to install Hokaku?

I’ve not heard of any crashes resulting from pretendo, save trying to go on vapecord, and errors you can get help for here or on the discord server.

First off, if you don’t want to use pretendo, just disable it from nimbus by selecting nintendo, and you can just delete the file “default.3gx” from the luma plugins folder

why wouldn’t it, the entire reasons error codes exist is for troubleshooting

if you need more info, feel free to reply

just a guess, but they probably saw it with the pretendo icon in the universal updater and decided to download it

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Try disabling the Pluginloader in the Rosalina menu
That worked foe me

I’m guessing they’re crashing from Hokaku, which is not needed at all for playing online. If they’re still done with everything and want to wipe pretendo completely, that’s fine, but I think removing Hokaku is their fix.

Hokaku is a research and development tool. It is not needed to go online. HokakuCTR DOES cause crashes in some titles, but no titles we currently support have these crashes.

I agree with Quarky, removing Hokaku is almost certainly the fix.

Also as for posting screenshots, the template specifically says to provide as much information as you can. Screenshots count there. Screenshots of what’s actually going on would have helped us actually narrow down the issue (is this a 3DS crash? A Luma crash? If it’s a Luma crash then we can see the stack trace. Maybe it’s not a crash at all and just an error code?)