[Bug] Fixing Pretendo Art Collab icon

So, there is a problem where Pretendo Art Collab isn’t working on Wara Wara Plaza.
The issue is because the community doesn’t have a TitleID assigned.
So, it looks like this:

However, when assigning a Title ID, it displays correctly.

Had to split the post because limitations for new users.

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What do you set the title ID to for communities that aren’t related to a specific game? I’m curious to know what works and what doesn’t. Does it have to be in the same format as other games, like starting with 00050000, or does just “1” or “2” work?

Wara Wara Plaza IDs are a bit different, the ID I used to fix Pretendo Art Collab was “1407375409946537”. But this fix is temporary, once the Wii U updates the BOSS task list, it will break again, this is something it needs to be fixed on Pretendo’s side.