Banned on 3DS without ever having played it on Pretendo? (002-0102)

Hey guys, so I have this issue which I already asked in the Discord server but never got an answer to.

My Nintendo 3DS appears to have been banned from Pretendo Network. However, I have never used it online on pretendo Network in any capacity at all. This is confusing to me and I would like to have this issue resolved.

How did I discover this? well after switching to Pretendo I logged on to my friends list to re-add All My Friends. Upon connecting to the internet it would tell me the following:

I do not understand what may be causing this issue, and would like to have it resolves ASAP. I’ve been dying to play Pokemon and Mario Kart with my friends again.


If you’ve never been online on our servers, then you most likely are using a console with a swapped LFCS. You likely are using a LFCS that was posted online at some point, and someone else got banned with it.

I would suggest looking for an old NAND backup and restoring your LFCS.


I have not actually messed around with that stuff ever. I don’t even know what an LFCS is.

The only time a ban like that shows is when the LFCS is banned. Which only happens if you’ve:

A. Been actually banned for a legitimate reason
B. Swapped your LFCS to one which is banned

Did you ever try to unban yourself from NN? Or did you buy this 3DS used? And if it was used, was it already modded? It’s possible a previous owner did a LFCS swap.

I was never banned on Nintendo network.

When I purchased the console it was used but it never had custom firmware on it until I had my hands on it.

This might not work but did you update your Luma3ds recently? I’ve noticed (cause it happened to me) that on Luma3ds 13.1.1 it automatically turns off some settings that Nimbus (the pretendo account manager) needs to work so when you boot, it will use your Nintendo account which is probably banned either because you have a modded 3ds or just when they shut down the servers. Try going into Nimbus and seeing if it’s unhappy.