Banned from the Discord and not sure why

Never got a ban message and I’m still not sure why I was banned.

Discord ban appeals aren’t currently being processed here.

Damn, Anywhere else I can go?

There probably is a way that I’m not aware of, never needed to appeal moderation action.

They were going to use the forums at one point but there were concerns over privacy with ban appeals. Plus, forums aren’t the top priority right now.

Alright, thanks. I’ll just leave it I suppose

FYI, if you didn’t get a ban message it is probably because your DMs were disabled in the server. There’s not really any other way to notify people of getting banned.

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If you aren’t banned from Pretendo as a whole, you could go to Juxtaposition (Pretendo’s Miiverse clone) - it’s a pretty active community.

Or, email them your ban appeal.