Attempted to use GM9 NNID unlink script, 3DS crashes upon loading

I was dumb and tried following a NNID removal guide that utilized a GM9 script to remove the NNID so I could re-login, but now my 3DS crashes upon boot. Its a “data abort” error. Have I bricked my 3ds? Thanks.

For anyone who finds this in the future, here is the solution:

  1. Copy the SD card files onto a PC, and format the SD card. (I used a Linux CLI tool, but windows should be able to format SDHC cards properly too)
  2. Check to make sure the SD Card can be written to properly.
  3. Put the files back on, and put the SD card back into the console.
  4. Hold select while booting to enter Luma3DS menu.
  5. Disable game patching and disable loading external firms.
    You should be able to boot in now.
  6. Launch Nimbus once (It will tell you to turn the 2 settings back on)
  7. Restart the device, holding select again
  8. enable the settings we turned off earlier.
  9. You should be able to boot and activate Pretendo again through Nimbus.
  10. Log in to your account through settings.

Hope this helps at least 1 person out there

Worth noting that Pretendo does not officially support anyone who tries to use GM9 to remove an NNID.

Given this wasn’t written anywhere on the Pretendo guides that its unsupported, its fair to assume any new user just searching up how to “Unlink their NNID” will use this method, and fail.

I don’t see what’s the point of mentioning it in the guide anyways, you shouldn’t need to remove your NNID under normal circumstances. I was a new user and I found the guide confusing at times a few months ago but I certainly didn’t unlink my NNID (instead I contributed to the guide to make it clearer).

I had to switch accounts for personal reasons. I understand its not required, but it could benefit users to put a disclaimer that using these “Unlink Methods” while using Pretendo could lead to crashes or instability.

I first went to the Pretendo guide to look for “unlink steps” but found nothing, so I assumed GM9 method would work. Just saying. I’m still going to leave this solution here for anyone who messes up like I did.

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