Any 3DS/WiiU games that you are interested in trying out?

The eshop and online shutdown really pushed me to try games that I didn’t give a proper chance before.

Are there any 3DS/WiiU games that you are interested in trying out?

In my case, I’m thinking about giving Xenoblade Chronicles X a shot. I haven’t played a Xenoblade game before, so it should be an interesting experience.


I’ve wanted to try out FE: Fates, I’ve never really gotten into Fire Emblem.

ACNL for me, but damn is it expensive here. I also bought Treasure Tracker a while ago but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.


I’m surprised, you’re technically in the same game region as me (PAL) and I got my copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf for like £12 or something back in 2022, same day my 3DS arrived. I think all my current physical games are less than £30 (ACHHD, MK7, SMM3DS (but that came with my console), Tomodachi Life).

I desperately need to play Treasure Tracker, I have not made significant progress and I’ve had the game for 8 years.

Things are fairly dire.

Nice to see a unified website theme across regions!

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there’s alot i wanna try.

The Yokai Watch games, Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun and fire emblem awakening

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Probably for the 3DS.

I have most of the games for WiiU I wanna play, maybe that Fire Emblem crossover game is still left open to be purchased.
Otherwise I’m good.

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I want to try out Splatoon 1👍

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