Add me on me on WiiU

I want someone to add me on Wii cause all my friends are offline and yes I’m using Pretendo my pnid is Garkade

Sure i can add you but im still working on getting pretendo

I love pretendo because they are very helpful and respectful.

Add My pretendo id is Antoncoolgamer

Ur ID couldn’t get found or smth

Your friendlist working on pretendo

My id MarioSuperBros

Also you can add my friend Tyler hes pretendo account is Tyler64

Not really i wanna get pretendo but i smh cant im still working on it

Listen using DNS method it’s not easy

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Whats that? Do i need it?

Yes u need to go on internet settings click on your Wi-Fi network

Then i you put your dns settings primary which

Primary dns and you put for Google

Once you done that create a pretendo account

Oh thank you i will do that later if i got time

Ok add me MarioSuperBros

My name is Anton