About Wii Karaoke U

This game was marked as one of the top priority games when Nintendo Network was still up, but similar to Wii U Chat it had no servers. I’m kind of curious on how it will work, for example using the in-game song catalog or the game will use another one? And another thing, the tickets, the ticket was supposed to connect to the eShop and then buy a ticket similar to Wii Sports Club. Will there be a bypass or instead it’s planned to buy a song ticket?

I never realised it was top priority, it was recently discussed on the forums but I thought it was unlikely since it used Joysounds catalog of music?

Highly likely there will be a bypass though :+1:

To clarify, this “high priority” label was just for getting network dumps for games that did unique things with online features not seen in other games. It does not mean anything for the priority of games getting servers on Pretendo.

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I really hope they find a work around to this. How many other games let you dress up your mii in a princess outfit and sing Telephone by Lady Gaga? NONE.