A "secret" community on Juxtaposition 👀!

Link (if the embed doesn’t work): https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1788889236743073792/pu/vid/avc1/1280x720/CrLg6sce02lCKwJK.mp4

Nothing new. Sub-communities can be made in certain games (ie. Mario Kart 8, Wii Fit U, etc.). Mario Kart 8 community creation via Tournaments and Wii Fit U community creation via Gyms. Also, it is not “secret”; when you click on the main game community, you can view these communities by clicking “related communities” in the top right hand corner.


its not really a secret. infact you might have seen a “Related Communities”
button on the MK8 or Wii Fit U community previously. theses two are user-made communities made inside MK8 or Wii Fit. theres a bunch of them too.


Thanks for the info @BoltOneUp and @ImoraPNID !