3DS Games Recommendation Thread

3DS Games/ WII U Games

My favorite 3ds game Wich can compete with any game released these days is shin megami tensei 4 but I understand it’s not for everyone

Any of the Kirby games, Mario & Luigi games, Boxboy games, and Mario 3D Land are some good ones.

Layton vs. Wright. Best Ace Attorney on the 3DS, and some have suggested it’s the best full stop.

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“that you likely don’t have”

assumption of the dang century here


Fantasy Life. Can’t wait for the new one on Switch! Top 5 most played 3DS games for me.

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thx man, ill find it on amazon

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Huh? Nobody said anything about piracy. Anyways, Super Mario Maker on 3DS is a pretty good option if you want to play SMM on the go.

GIRL, WDYM PIRACY :sob: :skull:

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Some simple and unique block-pushing puzzle games on 3DS: BoxBoy and Pullblox/Pushmo
I bought a few games from these series years ago and spent many hours on them

I’ve also heard about new ones coming to the Switch

I used to play Kid Icarus: Uprising when I was young.