101-0502 until I reset Wara Wara Plaza

Will there be a solution when I always have to reset wara wara plaza for a game to work,I am tired of this

Could you provide more detail on the problem? What game isn’t working? Is there any error associated with it?

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So I boot up my wiiu and enter a game in online it works,but if I exit the game and enter again,it gives error 101 0506,so I reset wara wara boss tasks,and enter the game,it works

That’s a weird one.

I have never seen that error before in my life

Bro how.Many people have that error.
I think u don’t get it cuz Ur subscribed to the

Beta servers probably wouldn’t make a difference if it’s something to do with the BOSS task list. I may be wrong though!

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Well, to start off I’m not “subscribed to the services”. I own Pretendo.

But to answer your question, this error has only been mentioned a single time in our Discord server and that was by @Kurumi.Erika (which I assume was done just because of this post). So I’d say it’s safe to assume not a lot of people have had this error, if any. Hence me saying “I’ve never seen this error in my life”.


Ohhh sorry,I mean 101 0502

101-0502 means the friend list’s servers are overloaded.
Because all Wii U and 3DS games need to connect to the friend server before anything else, this makes it impossible to play games online unless you are already connected within the game.

Try waiting a bit and see what happens.