101 0502 error and using inkay

This is a repost because the other topic is being related to sssl.

I’m having this error for more than 4 weeks,and still,pls solution

Your Wi-Fi router showing green

Yea of course it is showing green

How many friends you have

I don’t know if it that issue.

Bro I only have 1 friend

Do you also experience the connection error when you log out of the game and log back into another game?

101-0502 is a very generic error, all it means is that your console failed to connect to something related to the friends service. It’s not even clear if the client passed authentication or not based on just this error. It can be caused by many things, some of which we can’t even control. Server load, bad environment settings, connection issues with your home network, etc. There is no silver bullet fix because it’s caused by any number of issues. I’ve even had my console be unable to go online …

Bro,I’m saying it’s fully that problem,with restart,and without restart


This means your internet connection is timed out

I’m leaving my wii u off for a while and see what happens later.

Try playing couples matches and see your friends are online.

Could be problem with pretendo server on there end. Everyone is stressing out about it.
You have to be patient about because if you keep going on one player online on Mario kart 8.

Give it more time to play.