Would it be possible to add new content to existing games like Mario Maker in the future?

I’m not exactly sure weither this belongs in Technical or General, but i’m curious if in the future more content could be added to existing games such as Super Mario Maker, Splatoon (Not talking exactly about splatfests), BOTW, etc. For example maybe we could add sonic stuff to mario maker or something.

Btw I have no idea how this would work or if it’s even legal i’m just curious

That’s a great question,but the answer is no,as pretendo is implementing online servers,not adding new stuff or mods

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But,there a some mods for games that support pretendo,such as mario kart generations.Here is the link:

Would I get banned for using mods online on games like Mario Maker?

I’m not planning on cheating or trolling in any way, I just want to be able to add custom characters in MK8 and custom content in Super Mario Maker for fun and for other peoples enjoyment.

I’ve seen someone using a mod in smm,like adding a custom image to his course,but honestly idk.

Actually yes you can. Using SDcaffine it is possible.
Youd need to extract the games rmfs folder. Assuming models which i assume is .bcfres kinda like the wii bress, and 3ds bcres model formates.

It should be possible to replace the textures and assets. If you rename, convert, and place the files in the game rmfs/ folder that the wiiu or 3ds would read.