Will more communities be added to Juxtaposition?

I was wondering if there is any plan to add more communities to Juxtaposition in the future. I was looking to join a community for Monster Hunter 3U, but I saw that it didn’t exist yet.

I’m sure that everyone working on Pretendo is busy working hard, so I’m not in any rush and I have no plans on rushing them either.

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans of adding more communities, or if the communities we have now are the set number.

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I also would like more communities for Juxt!
Sonic Lost World community please
but fr though SLW has some online functions that require Miiverse to work so it’d be epic if they made a community for it and games that also need a Miiverse community for some functions :3

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More communities will definitely be added – especially for games with API support! :slight_smile:


im hoping for game&wario here. (since aquamarine got it working. and afaik it dosen’t require a NEX server.) glad its being considered for more communities in the future though.


I really hope they add a Tomodachi Life community. I love that game and it would be cool to see other people express their opinions on the game.


I’d like to see a 3DS specific community-

There already is one for Tri Force Heroes.

Although I’d love to also see more 3DS specific communities!

NES Remix would be awesome, as its Miiverse features have been lost to the sands of time.

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