What is Beta testing

I have looked around everywhere to see what is involved with beta testing what can I do and how fires it work. I really haven’t been able to find much information on it.

Thanks in advance

beta testing just gives you early access to some game servers that aren’t stable enough to be publicly released yet!

Which ones because I paid but there isn’t much information about it. What are the features?

Beta testing will give you access to the Beta servers here for testing games before they are released to production (Public) and other various things within Pretendo.

If you’d like to become a tester you will need to become a donator to access these servers and specific chats within discord.

Hope that helps. :wink:

No it’sa little too vague. I am a donator. Which games do I have access to. I need you to be a little more specific.

What do I have access to more that I upgraded to a ten dollar paid account.

What specifically just certain games doesn’t answer the question.

Sorry for not being very clear in my last response… One of the games I know for sure that is donater only right now is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong - Tipping Stars. Most (not all) donater only games have a GitHub repository and aren’t shown on the progress section of the website.
Sorry if this isn’t the answer you were looking for either…

Minecraft Wii U, I think Wii U Chat (probably doesn’t work though), some others. It’s not super well documented at this time.

What do I have access to more that I upgraded to a ten dollar paid account.

You shouldn’t think of it as “upgrading to access games”. The beta servers are usually unstable or have major missing features - if they were working and ready, they would be public.

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Exactly! I upgraded mostly to support and getting access to development Discord channels is a nice bonus :blush:

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