What 3DS Family console, and variation do you have?

I have a black N3DS XL and an old Mario Maker 2ds

I brought Red N3DS XL and im enjoying, back in 2016 i had a black 3DS

Mine is the New Nintendo 3ds XL Galaxy staley edition

I got the classic og blue 3DS

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I have the New 3DS XL Black.

mine is old 2ds, sea green.

All tn screen europe old 3ds :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Old 3DS XL in blue. Has a bit of cosmetic damage (mostly scratches on the back) which is mostly my fault, it was in great condition though considering I only paid around £80 for it + Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

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New 3DS LL Metallic Blue

Man I have the Red Original 3DS! The classic one! Not an XL, the tiny one. I got it when I was like, 7 I think. Time flies! Everyone’s better 3DS variants make me feel weak

Black Old 3DS. I bought this one since it was the one i had as a kid. sure, i did get an XL later down the line, but this was the only one i could find on Ebay for an affordable price. Man!

O 3DS XL Black
I have never used the 3D feature

The funny thing is, my brother got one for his birthday back in 2018, and he was playing Pokémon Sun on it just fine, but one day, when he got to Paniola Ranch, the console just slowly turned black (the top screen, that is), and we tried the game we’d gotten for free - one of the Yo-kai Watch games, I forget which - but that had the same issue too. We went back to our local EB Games shop, and got a console of the exact same type and colour, and that’s the one I’ve had ever since!

@BoltOneUp Ha! EXACTLY like mine!

but converted to and SOAP transferred to USA region)

What do you mean?

Region swap from JPN to USA.

How come? Why is this?

Japanese consoles are cheaper but they don’t have any support for any language that isn’t Japanese, hence the region swap.

And how EXACTLY is this swap done?

You can find out more at 3DS Hacks Guide.

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