Unlinked Nnid account linked to PNID

Good afternoon. I hope i am not in the wrong spot and was wondering if anyone has run into this situation. I created the user account on wii u for Pretendo. Worked great in game, had network visitors, can post etc., but all my games basically had to start over. I seen there is a way to unlink my nnid from my user account. So I did, then linked that user to my pnid. Everything seems to work fine except in games i cant post and i dont get visitors in nintendo land anymore. Can someone let me know if i missed a step or something? Thank you all

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What method are you using, SSSL or Inkay? If you’re using Inkay, there’s a guide in the Wii U installation guide that you should have followed to transfer your save data over to your Pretendo Account.

You probably caused issues from unlinking your NNID and linking a PNID to the same account.

I am using the inkay method. If I did mess things up with the swapping accounts, am I going to have to start over or can i restore from backup? Or does unlinking become a “no return” step

Get SaveMii WUT Port (available on the Homebrew Appstore) and see if your user shows up with empty save data in the backup menu. You can tell from if it says (Empty) next to your user. If it doesn’t say (Empty), then you can backup and restore your save data which should solve the issue.