Trying to figure out about 101-0112

So i’ve been having this issue for a while for like a month already.
and im still unable to enter friend list AT ALL. this basically started happening after the 8th. then my friend list stopped working entirely. i’ve already sent dumps of this and im still waiting on the fix. not sure when will it be done though.

not even sure what i can do anymore at this point without going into my other account.

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Friends WiiU is known to be kinda iffy at the moment, there’s a possible fix in the works but it causes other problems.

Do check your Internet though.

okay i wasen’t aware about the possible fix. thanks for letting me know. i made sure to check my internet. i can login with my other account just fine. also my DNS settings don’t cause any issues from what i tested.

I also have the same problem, someone told me it’s because of how many friends you have.

I have a issue to play Mario Kart 8 it gives me error code 101-0112

What can I do to resolve this issue???

Put my dns settings and my internet seems to be working i can’t even get into Mario kart online.