The 20 character word limit

Honestly,me and many people are having this problem in pretendo forum,the 20 word limit.So it is a good Idea to make it,but sometimes it’s not,like when you say “ok”,it’s gonna say a 20 word limit.So,is there any solution

I think you’re not used to it, that’s all.

Honestly not that bad once you get used to it. If all you have to say is “OK”, use the reactions button.

I know a bypass but I’m not going to share. Think I’ve only shared it with a staff member and intend to keep it this way.

I have no problem with a 20-character limit. Honestly, if you have a comment that’s less than 20 characters, it probably doesn’t add anything substantial to the conversation. That’s basically the point of the filter, to stop people from making insubstantial comments like “ok”.

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I mean like I saw people talking about it,so you may be correct Mathew and gamers