Switch Back To Nintendo Network on 3DS

Hi, I was just wondering. The nimbus app lets you switch between pretendo and nintendo, is it safe to switch to nintendo after linking a PNID? Does it overwrite your NNID completely so I can’t change back? I haven’t tried it myself, I wanted to ask about it first. I’m assuming its fine given its an option at all. But I just wanted to be safe. My boyfriend has a 2ds xl also but he does not have pretendo, and I want to be able to switch back to nintendo to local play with him, if it something I can do. Thats why i’m asking if that matters to the answer at all. Thank you!

It’s perfectly safe. The only side effect you may have is some problems with badges, but that’s it.

You should be able to use local play fine on your Pretendo profile anyways.