Solutions for pretendo

So many people are experiencing error 101-0502,which is related in the friends server.So,if the server couldn’t connect to the friends server,give a message that will say “Server couldn’t connect to the friends server,continue without using the friends server?”,and give a connect button,and a cancel one,and If you open a thing related to the friends server in a game,give out an error.

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I doubt it’s that easy considering the games are specifically coded to look at the friends server first iirc and it could cause some unintended issues by bypassing the error.

The stability will improve as Pretendo matures.


Yeah, I don’t think that would really be possible. Every online game expects to be connected to the friends server, and even if we could make some sort of universal mod that works for every game and disables this, things would still break when the game can’t get your friend list.


Any solutions for 101-0502, causes this problems.

When I was using my friend list in my NNID account

That is working on my old account that I before.

When I switch over to my pretendo account it gives me this issues.

That’s not working.

When I went on my system settings I’m using same Wi-Fi in my connection since I first use Pretendo server.

Anton please just stop.

101-0502 is a generic error as Jon has stated in the past and it’s well documented that the friends server is extremely unstable.

You’ve gone back to spamming and it’s just going to get you nowhere unfortunately.