Problem with password on wii u

Hello. I am writing from a translator.
I have a problem with my password. When I log in I am asked to enter my password for nnid (pnid). I enter the CORRECT password, but it tells me that the password is not correct. what should I do?
aroma firmware

Are u using same password from your NNID

I connected to pretendo and registered on the console. For a while everything worked fine. But then I was asked to enter a password and they tell me that my password is not correct, although it is correct

I’ve probably found the cause of the problem. My SD card is broken and it can’t be read by either the computer or Wii U

If you don’t get a popup saying “Using pretendo network” as you boot into the WiiU menu, then you’re not loading the necessary plugin, meaning your system is trying to log into the Nintendo network.

I’m getting the same error. My Wii U is not modded nor has an SD card.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me. I most likely found the problem. My SD card is broken and cannot be read. But we are unlikely to know why it is not readable. When I buy an SD card, I’ll write if there are any problems