Pretendo is broken

I have an original 3DS. When I installed CTGP-7, I noticed I was logged out of Pretendo Network, when I went to log back in, it wouldn’t let me. I tried switching to Nintendo Network, but I couldn’t switch to NN. I am stuck on Pretendo with no way of logging in, and no way of changing the service. What do I do?

Mine is broken as well

You’re on a Wii U. Please don’t comment if you have nothing to add since this is retaining to the 3DS.

Sounds odd, had Pretendo open on my 3DS yesterday and I was able to access friends list and add a friend fine.

(also btw this should be in the Support category)

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how can you tell???..

The user is a Wii U user and has spammed various members a significant amount of times for help when we are unable to provide further advice.


Really off-topic here, but at first I thought your Mii had a black present with a gold ribbon on their head. Kind of like a present hat. Then I looked closer and realised that it was just thick hair, partially covering a large pair of black sunglasses. Very clever!