Network config for pretendo/mk8/cemu


Here is issue I am experiencing :slight_smile:

  • I am on vacation and trying to play mk8 online via CEMU.
  • I am using mobile net (4g) with some Huawei 4g router.
  • I connect to “Nintendo network” when I select online, but then while searching for players, I got an error - 106-0105.
  • if I switch network to different one (mobile phone as hotspot) all works fine

Question if someone knows : what ports/url’s need to be open/forwarded on my router to access looking for player section on pretendo. Or, list of all ports and IPs needed for playing on pretendo.


What model and what provider?

Some Huawei routers have been noted to not have the best performance anyways.

Not sure on that unfortunately.

I found solution, turned off firewall on the router (performance is excellent, model is Huawei 4g router 2).
also I found all ip’s and fqdns for pretendo (I was not lazy and did tcpdump), so maybe I will enable firewall and make exceptions :smiley:

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