My account got deleted for some reason! Help!

So I go to my Wii U and boot it up but something is off. All of my homebrew applications were deleted! So I think nothing of it and attempt to load up NSMBU but it says that my PNID has been deleted! So I go and try to log into my NNID and see if that works but no, it says that is deleted too! This is a major annoyance and makes it physically impossible for me to play my games. PLEASE HELP!
By the way, my PNID (the one that got deleted) is called JUJUBE, this is an alt I made to post this.

EDIT: LMAO it was a one time quirk! I rebooted and it fixed itself. Now I can play NSMBU all I want :wink:

Well, good for you, but how do you know it won’t happen again? My 2DS randomly became unresponsive this morning, and after it suddenly shut itself down completely and I turned it back on after roughly 3 minutes, it was fine too, but now I’m paranoid it might happen again.

The error means that the Wii U failed to find a valid ticket* (*verify that you own the game)

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