Mario kart 8 splatoon server down

Hi Pretendo team

My friend Tyler having issue going on his friends list and he getting error 101-0502 server on splatoon and Mario kart 8 as well
He using his DNS settings. But he was asking when is the server back online. His Wi-Fi is connected fine and he can’t get into it.

He said is it server maintenance down right now.



Me and Tyler are getting this error code Just now after we came off Mario kart 8 and splatoon


My is saying it as well

U using DNS settings???

Please, do not make posts on behalf of other people. Get them to sign into the forum themselves.

Ok open system settings,and then exit system settings,then choose the user and open the game

Do I need default my user on NNID

If you’re using pretendo,nintendo network won’t work,

Open a game in pretendo

I got one is Nintendo network and pretendo user

Do I need to delete my Nintendo ID account to start pretendo account again.

Could be switching your Nintendo id and pretendo id might give a error but I don’t know for sure.

No you don’t need to

Can you see Tyler on your friendlist

I didn’t add tyler to my friends

I might have to use NNID account

Droyale do I need to turn off my wii u and router at the same time

It’s probably a problem with the ISP

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Upgrade sky boardband week before because they saying I can get speed fast connection