Mario Kart 8 error 118-0519 (Failed to connect to partner's device)

I’ve encountered an issue in Mario Kart 8 that I haven’t been able to find any information about online. It started happening after I changed my Pretendo Network ID Country from USA/Florida to San Marino, along with adjusting the timezone and birthday settings. Upon encountering the issue, I received a warning message that directed me to, but unfortunately, the link provided seems to be dead.

The error occurs specifically on the “searching for other players” screen after about 20 seconds. The message reads: “Failed to connect to partner’s device. Please try again later. If the problem persists, your Internet settings may need to be optimized for connecting to a partner.” Prior to this, Mario Kart 8 had a perfect connection and playing online worked perfectly. I did change the settings exactly back to how it was, but I still came across the same error.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has suggestions for resolving it, I would be immensely grateful for any assistance.

The servers are down at the moment.

Link works on my end, try

It is an issue caused by changing region, you have to delete and add the user again unfortunately.

Please don’t provide untrue information, they do experience issues but they’re unlikely to be completely down.


i sometimes have this issue in splatoon and all i needed to do was keep trying. Or switch the gamemode because it wasn’t populated that much.