Kid Icarus Uprising issue: can't connect to anyone

Me and some other people are having a problem with Kid Icarus Uprising which won’t pair us with anyone, it will just create empty rooms over and over again.

People can’t also join our empty rooms.

This is more explained on the support thread on Discord: Discord

We have tried everything: entering/leaving dozens of times, NAT forwading/DMZ the 3DS, different networks, ISPs, tried different consoles, new PNIDs, etc. nothing works. It’s a server related thing because we also can play MK7 no problem.

Maybe it has a very restrictive matchmaking system? I think the ones having this problem are from Europe and people who get to play and get paired to other people are from America…

Is that a supported game? It may just be in early development and not working, though I don’t know the status of that particular game.

Games that appear to work, especially those only available to testers, might be broken. Minecraft WiiU is an example, it’s “available to testers” but the minigames functionality is broken - one of many reasons it’s not public.

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It is. Online randoms work because I’ve seen people play online together.

It’s just that for me and some other few people can’t get matched with anyone, ever.

No matchmaking, nobody can enter our own rooms. It’s so weird.


Any news on this? Or is there a particular person I can talk with this problem directly?

We wanna play so badly :grin: