Juxtaposition Bans

I hope this message is received in the spirit of constructive dialogue. I would like to discuss the practice of banning users on Juxtaposition for actions committed on other platforms.

In my opinion, this proactive approach might be too aggressive and could lead to unnecessary frustration among users. For instance, other platforms like GBAtemp don’t ban users for misconduct on Discord, and Nintendo didn’t ban people on Miiverse for infractions on other social networks. Similarly, you don’t get banned on Facebook for something you said on another platform. These examples illustrate how separate ecosystems can coexist without cross-platform bans.

Actively seeking out and banning individuals from Juxtaposition for actions taken elsewhere seems like a waste of resources and can cause undue infuriation among the community. It’s important to recognize that everyone can have a bad day and make mistakes, but these should be dealt with within the specific platform where the misconduct occurred.

Therefore, I believe that platforms like Discord and Juxtaposition should operate independently in terms of their moderation policies. This separation could help maintain a more harmonious environment and allow each platform to address issues within their own context


I think there’s a place frankly for Discord bans to apply to Juxtaposition, for example for piracy related activities or other illegal behaviour.

I never heard of pretendo doing that in the first place

We don’t have a policy on doing cross bans between services. We don’t even do cross bans between our own communities (such as Discord bans leading to PNID bans). The only time we do cross bans, typically, is between other Discord servers (depending on the ban). Especially when the bans happen on servers we are close with. If you aren’t welcome in those communities, you typically aren’t welcome in ours either.

Though to be frank, I don’t see the issue with cross platform bans. It’s not something we actively seek out, but if someone on our platform is being a menace somewhere else then I see no reason to let them bring that to our communities? I don’t particularly care if it happened “off platform”, it was still that person who did the actions. Doesn’t really matter to me where something happened, just that it did.

But again, this isn’t something we even have a policy on? Unless you’ve seen instances of this happening, I’m not really sure what the point here is?